What to Expect from Arborvine


  • We will learn more about your home and your style.
  • Reviewing the property to get all grades, exposure, and other necessary information.
  • Discussion of potential ideas and first impressions.
  • All decision-makers should be available to attend this meeting or phone call.

Design Phase

  • Our design team will start to render designs based on your vision for the project. Designs include unlimited revisions!
  • Designs usually take 7-14 days to complete but may vary based on the project.
  • Sub-contractor meetings are optional and can be attended if needed for your project.

Presentation of Design and Proposals

  • Our design team will meet with you or send your design and proposal via email.
  • We will provide sample materials so you can get a feel of the selections for your project.
  • Proposals will be presented with supporting images and designs as needed.
  • Proposals will be submitted with copies of eligible project warranties.

Adjustments and Revisions

  • Close but not quite? No worries! Let’s make some adjustments!
  • We are happy to hear your feedback as we are here to interpret your visions and bring them to life!
  • We want to make sure this space is a reflection of your wants and needs for an outdoor living space!

Approval of Project & Scheduling

  • After acceptance of the project, we will have you sign off on all necessary paperwork including a material list. We will collect a small deposit to order materials and reserve your spot on our production schedule.
  • We will provide you with an approximate start date and keep you updated as we get closer to the beginning of the project.
  • We provide all of our clients with a brief outline of how we plan to spend our days on your property so you know our plan of attack and what will be taking place on a day-to-day basis.

Construction of the Space

It is finally time to get things started! Our teams will work hard to provide you with a quality project as efficiently as possible.

  • We will start with a pre-construction meeting to paint out the project layout and mark elevations, we will be able to discuss machinery access locations and material drop zones as well as a brief project timeline. We are also able to answer any questions you may have prior to the project starting.
  • Our team will be in touch daily by phone, email, text or in person to provide  updates on progress and scheduling.
  • Upon completion of the project a final walkthrough will be scheduled and we will provide you with care instructions.

Full-Service Property Management

  • Walk through our wide range of landscape maintenance and enhancement services to help keep your investment looking its best for years to come!
  • Explore the convenience of Arborvine’s maintenance services and take advantage of our special offers.
  • Maintenance programs help extend some of your project’s warranties!

Enjoyment of Your New Outdoor Oasis

  • The time has finally come for you to start making memories that will last a lifetime in your new space.
  • We hope your friends and family have a blast spending quality time in your new outdoor living space!
  • Send your design consultant photos and tag us in your social media posts!! We love to see our clients enjoying their outdoor spaces!